One night in chyna

One night in Chyna
by PissFlap 8 years ago (Feb 22, 2008) in Wtf
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  • PissFlap | 8 years ago | 15 points
    A short story in pictures: Once upon a time there was a "female" WWE wrestler called "Chyna" whose real name was Joan Marie Laurer. She wanted an image change, so slowly she "tried" to become more feminine. She tried new looks, sexier ones, she even tried photoshop to try to break away from her masculine looks. It kind of worked. After seeing people spend "One night in Paris", she wanted people to have fun with "One night in Chyna." However, years of anabolic steroids and testosterone had left a legacy, and all those who spent time in Chyna had "big" shocks.
    • mlaer | 8 years ago | 2 points
      damn, that dudes got a big clit!
      • mlaer | 8 years ago | 1 point
        hey, his cocks not very big around ,but it sure is short
    • Unidentified | 8 years ago | 2 points
      wow, I want to go to Chyna
      • painwhore | 8 years ago | 1 point
        you need a apssport and your shots first
        • deleted | 8 years ago | 1 point
          Don't forget to get your shots afterwards.
    • PissFlap | 8 years ago | 1 point
      That's meant to be her real clit, btw.
      • deleted | 8 years ago | 5 points
        Does Chyna have a Mao Tse Tongue as well PissFlap???
        • deleted | 8 years ago 0 points
          Man I thought when you put your dick in a hole where one was coming out that was called canoodling
          • deleted | 8 years ago | 1 point
            I mean come on JR this is just unbeliveable. Chyna in D-X this dosen't look good for X-Pac, infact I think he got two words for her "SUCK IIIIIT!!!" or maybe she is telling him that.
          • deleted | 8 years ago 0 points
            are you telling me that is supposed to be chyna standing next to X-Pac on the cover of that DVD case. she's like two foot taller than him in real life.
      • superman2086 | 8 years ago 0 points
        what the little dick say to the small dick ? hey no fair u still have ur balls
    • deleted | 8 years ago 0 points
      Ehhh I call em like I see em... thats a dude with tits.
  • anastasiajubilee | 8 years ago | 13 points
    she looka lika man!
    • twisted_depraved | 8 years ago 0 points
      Yeah, but she sure takes it in the ass like a real woman!!
  • scorpionking | 8 years ago | 11 points
    Because of steroids, her clit pobably was bigger than most wrasslers dicks
    • duvessa_belladonna | 8 years ago | 1 point
      Big clit or not, shes still a man in my book. and she makes for one ugly bitch lol.
  • 4u2nv | 8 years ago | 11 points
    Saw you walking down the street just the other day I didn't see your damage from that far away I should have got a clue when the kids started screaming You walked up to me with your buck teethe a gleaming Your hair was all frizzy and your face was a mess I thought it was a sack but it's your favourite dress You hurt the trees feelings and the birds all flew I don't mean to insult you Oh wait! Yes I do................ You're UGLY
    • Lady Q | 8 years ago | 4 points
      • multiplesplease | 8 years ago | 10 points
        That was terribly rude
        • Lady Q | 8 years ago 0 points
          hahahahahaha so....
  • Thorin | 8 years ago | 11 points
    Is she called Chyna because she has an asian cock?
  • TTOIA | 8 years ago | 8 points
    1 night in hell
  • deleted | 8 years ago | 7 points
    I love my little pretty clit.. even more now.
  • Hyde in plain sight | 8 years ago | 5 points
    That is one big fuckin' ugly bitch! And to barrow Cobradicks words, "I wouldn't touch that with a fuckin' barge pole!"
    • notanomad | 8 years ago 0 points
      What if she snuck up on you, got you in some wrestling hold, and proceeded to ass-rape you with her hard clit?
      • deleted | 8 years ago 0 points
        i would like to be ra_ped by her
  • CobraDick | 8 years ago | 3 points
    I probably would have tried her out, bulldog jaw and all, until I saw that fucked-up pierced clenis. Fahgeddaboudit! I couldn't get hard for that freak with two splints and a whole can of spray starch.
  • Giulia | 8 years ago | 2 points
    OK I'm a little scared right now. Someone hold me.
    • anastasiajubilee | 8 years ago 0 points
      i'll hold you, it'll be ok, just remember to take deep breaths