Extreme cbt

Why would you do this to you best friend???
by msterfist 9 years ago (Aug 01, 2007) in Violent
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  • Macduff | 9 years ago | 14 points
    Holy fucking christ, I get out of the shower and get my work clothes on, Im running late, and i think well lets just see if anything new was posted to comment on, and I see THIS arghhhhhhhhhh, Im in such agony i cant walk, and for somestrange reason I have put my 45 automatic in my brief case, it is like the spirirt of Odin is compleeling me to find thsi guy and excecute him, have him kneel on the ground and say " I was giving a penis for if not for good at least to do no harm, I have abused it, i have abuse all of humanity and desreve nothing but a bullet in my brain" and the I the ever gentle macduff, will pull that trigger and put him out of our collective misery. but fisrt I would shot him in th left leg and the right arm, he needs to suffer, before that bullet severs his mortal coil
    • PissFlap | 9 years ago 0 points
      Speechless. What more can one say to this lunacy ? A simple clean kill is all that is needed, a tortured soul like this must be put down like a cow in a slaughterhouse. Stun his brain with a stun gun, then a clean bullet at point blank into the heart and head. He will not get any thrill out of me.
      • PissFlap | 9 years ago | 0 points
        We had seen the end result of this, which is a starfish weiner, but this is actually the gradual process that leads to one. Only the other day I was saying to Messalina that nothing shocks me anymore on H666, but this one I watched through the fingers of my hand...
    • deleted | 9 years ago 0 points
      i am actually thinking that if you make him suffer he will actully like that i mean look what he like to do on he "free" time..
    • deleted | 9 years ago 0 points
      Mac. Need a couple extra rounds?
    • deleted | 6 years ago 0 points
      My god... All that blood gushing out.. I you'd think it would've deflated..
  • mufasa | 9 years ago | 2 points
    Hey dont worry ladies. Look at it like your having sex on his period
    • gizzer | 9 years ago 0 points
      haha so stupid and funny I have to 1
  • CobraDick | 9 years ago | 2 points
    Seriously, anyone who is prone to this type of self-destructive mutilation should be institutionalized and given corrective therapy, or just put out of their misery. (And that includes the despicable rat bastards of several creeds and religions who force their women into having clitoridectomies!)
    • gizzer | 9 years ago 0 points
      1 to you! Depriving woman of such an important organs is a true crime against humanity