Dont fuck with tigers

Cause now tigers fuck u!
by mysocksdontmatch 7 years ago (Mar 12, 2009) in Wtf
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  • mysocksdontmatch | 7 years ago | 6 points
    ok. line up. whos betting with me that suddenly after reading this a few H666 members join the circus??
    • deleted | 7 years ago 0 points
      A few?
  • zerocommazero | 7 years ago | 6 points
    "After several attempts at counseling, Twa Hok and the tiger moved into a larger cage where they currently reside."
  • Borked | 7 years ago | 5 points
    Surprise buttsecks!
  • jimwhitey | 7 years ago | 4 points
    ***Intimedating Interogation Voice**** And where were you Mr. Speedracer on the night of March 25th 2001 and to whom does the tiger costume belong???
  • dgnxx1 | 7 years ago | 4 points
    Tony thought it was GREATTT
  • deleted | 7 years ago | 4 points
    When questioned 3 days later Twa Hok said " i am extremley upset ,he doesnt write ,he never calls and his mobile is constantley switched off"
  • PhotoShopWarrior | 7 years ago | 3 points
    Remember the old Exxon slogan (or maybe it was Esso) that said "Do You Have A Tiger In Your Tank?" Ha ha ha ha..
  • pflc | 7 years ago | 2 points
    That's not a Bengal Tiger, it's a Needy Tiger!! Trust me, i'm an Astrologist!
  • redd | 7 years ago | 2 points
    That poor bastard ended up with a tiger in his tank!
  • Punchy748 | 7 years ago | 2 points
    It's the brown eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight Rising up to the challenge of our rival And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night And he's watching us all with the brown eye of the tiger
  • Lady Q | 7 years ago | 2 points
    *thinking* I can only imagine what was going through his mind..... pheeeew! well at LEAST he didn't eat me, but damn my ass hurts? or.... That son of a bitch should of just ate me, now no ones gonna respect me...
    • rednekyarddog | 7 years ago 0 points
      or... wow i'm probably gonna make the paper for this one
  • Dynameaux | 7 years ago | 2 points
    Why so surprised? That shit happens daily behind bars
  • deleted | 7 years ago | 2 points
    so i guess roy wasnt his type
  • IishieSquishy | 7 years ago | 2 points
    The tiger was like "I'll give you something to bounce on."