Ball Shots Nut Shots

Young idiots are not nice to their balls
by JustAHumanBean 5 years ago (Jan 10, 2011) in Wtf
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  • JustAHumanBean | 5 years ago | 10 points
    Hopefully they take enough ball shots so they can't have any kids and pass on those bad genes.
  • CharlesBronsin | 5 years ago | 4 points
    Ladies and gentlemen spay and neuter your pets plzzz.
    • deleted | 5 years ago | 1 point
      I spray and nut on my pets all the time.
  • SticksAndStones | 5 years ago | 3 points
    Its not like you need both of them.
  • wheresmysanity | 5 years ago | 3 points
    Funny how it's same sound with each hit, the universal "my balls hurt" sound.
    • MsPus | 5 years ago 0 points
      I thought it was a "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" track for every damn vid. Do you guys learn the correct "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" in jr high or something?
  • deleted | 5 years ago | 2 points
    Just like in the movie idiocracy..... watch it if you can. I gave it a 8.
  • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago | 2 points
    I'll never in a million years understand this type of stupidity...never. Even when brothers have NOTHING to do, we never do this dumb shit. You are never supposed to willingly place your dick and balls in harms way...these are some of the stupidest motherfuckers in creativity.
    • pimflax | 5 years ago 0 points
      I understand where your coming from R&E. .4u!
      • RIGHT AND EXACT | 5 years ago 0 points
        But am I right pimflax?! Who comes up with this shit and how in the world do you agree to sign off on it? "....Dude let me go up on the roof and drop something off onto your dick/Dude let me staple your nutsack/Dude let me kick you square in your dick... and let's film it!..." GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! How bored do you have to be to agree to some shit like this? How about this? "...Dude let's all go get some pussy and meet back here in a couple of hours and we can film ourselves talking about it..." Now THAT'S a plan!!