9 year old kickboxing girl

A girl that can take the shit of you
by bigpopapop 4 years ago (Feb 16, 2012) in Cool Stuff
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  • NoGooD | 4 years ago | 15 points
  • deleted | 4 years ago | 3 points
    She is small enough to stick in a burlap sack.
    • 2ndhandsmoker | 4 years ago | 3 points
      And feisty enough to punch her way out.
  • herne | 4 years ago | 3 points
    in a few years she will be dating and, as a father, i would like my daughter that well trained too.
    • deleted | 4 years ago | 3 points
      That's what my dad did for me - he enrolled me in self defense courses when I was 7. I used my training twice - both times working at a strip club - and one guy was out cold, another got a broken nose. That's why guys should never touch the strippers. You dont know which ones can knock you out.
      • LocalSerialChiller | 4 years ago | 3 points
        Damn it, that's just a risk im willing to take!
        • RIGHT AND EXACT | 4 years ago | 0 points
          OK LCS....let's be wise about this we'll work as a team..one of us grabs the tit...the other one is outside starting the car.
      • Criosphinx | 4 years ago | 1 point
        The training is good and all.but it also sets in a good mentality.and it also helps in shaping the person you become. Although a stripper. You are wise.and I want to my daughter to be wise.strong and independent. And by no means a stripper. Only a new born.and I can say.I'll do my very best to help her along the way to do right.
        • deleted | 4 years ago | 1 point
          Thing is, most strippers are doing it because they NEED to. I did it because I wanted to. I have always been interested in sexuality and, to me, it was more of a practice in expanding my knowledge of the inner workings of one of the more interesting aspects of human sexuality - the exotic dance and its sexual stimulus on both male and female patrons. What you must learn, first and foremost, about raising a daughter is giving her the ability to be independent, while still being her daddy. My daddy is my best friend and I love him to pieces and although he may not agree with some of my life choices, he knows that I'm doing what I want to do and I'm not letting anyone tell me differently or that I shouldn't or couldn't do it - all because that's the way he raised me. :) Good luck with your baby girl. :D
          • deleted | 4 years ago | 2 points
            I've known some strippers and you're right, they did it because they needed to. They needed to support their drug habit.
    • Criosphinx | 4 years ago | 1 point
      Exactly.my baby girl was born on the 5th of this month. And I would love for her to make this her hobby. As a young adult.21. This being my first child. I know I can't always be there for her. No matter the age.no matter how against her the odds may be.I want her to have odd better for her, of she is to train like this. I'd be proud of her for her taking this up.
      • deleted | 4 years ago | 2 points
        the best thing you can do for her is be a damn good male role model.
  • deleted | 4 years ago | 2 points
    are you sure she's a 9yo? she could be 25 as far as we know...
  • LocalSerialChiller | 4 years ago | 2 points
    Jean Claude Van-Dam that chick is tough!
  • deleted | 4 years ago | 2 points
    chuck norris's daughter
  • RIGHT AND EXACT | 4 years ago | 2 points
    She's still dropping her left hand when she brings that jab back...counter right hand over the top.... if you're not unconscious.